ServiceNow Federal Forum
Intelligent Transformation
March 21-22, 2024 | Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center | National Harbor, MD
U.S. Capitol


Track 09

Organize and Collaborate: Connecting the Dots on Enterprise Services

Joining the foreign service typically means uprooting your life and transferring to a new job, in a new country, every few years. At the Department of State, this process was notoriously confusing and stressful due to a complex web of local and enterprise systems, unique requirements of each host country, and a lack of guidance to help employees navigate between them. Intent on redesigning this process, the Department partnered with Accenture to design a one-stop-shop for employees to organize and take control of their transfers from start to finish. Using ServiceNow, the Department was able to quickly build a portal that bridges the gap between the rigidity of connected enterprise systems and the flexibility to support locally-owned processes to support this vision. Join us as we discuss how this platform was able to provide a consistent, personalized experience to the employee while enabling service providers to collaborate around the world.


Project Manager and Business Process Architect
Accenture Federal Services
Logistics Management Operations - Branch Chief of Supply Chain Management
Department of State